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Welcome to Pennsafe Building Inspection Services LLC.  We maintain this site to assist businesses, contractors and individuals by providing the necessary information to better understand the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code and the building permit process.

We are a Pennsylvania based company that provides all types of building, plumbing, electrical, fire, energy and accessibility inspections and plan review services.  Our company employs a team of highly qualified professionals that are some of the most experienced inspectors in the state.  We perform every service that is required to compy with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code - Act 45 Law.  We specialize in municipal and customer satisfaction by providing accurate, timely and fair inspection related services.  We focus on treating every customer and client with the utmost respect they deserve.

Please contact us for more information about our company and the services we provide.  To schedule an office appointment, please call 814-375-1111.  “We take great pride in serving our communities”.

“Providing all types of building safety inspections for safer communities”

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